[sip-comm-dev] Using SIP-C code in another project (Mac AV chat)


Hey all,

  I have a Java app that already does chat using xmpp, and is able to setup jingle ports. What I'm lacking is the ability to open a camera & mic, transcode it to some sort of RTP or RTP-like protocol, send it over the UDP link that's been setup, and decode and display on the other end. Since java lacks a way of doing this natively, even with JMF -- and I'm on the Mac -- I've been looking at other solutions. It seems you all have solved this problem, but I'm looking through your code and it's hard to even know where to start. I would love some guidance as to what packages to use and so on. I have a budget for this if someone has the knowledge and ability to help me one-on-one.

Thanks in advance,



Bjorn Roche
Audio Collaboration

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