[sip-comm-dev] User Registration using SIP

Hello Gokul,

I am not an expert in VOCAL and I don't know whether it exports any mechanisms for user administration. You should probably direct your questions to a VOCAL oriented forum or mailing list.


P.S. It would probably be a good idea if you tried and selected a single mailing list next time you have a question instead of broadcasting them


on all existing project MLs. M.Gokulakrishnan wrote:

We are developing a SIP based Messenger like Skype by modifying the SIP Communicator(Old version).
We are facing problems in the User Registration.
Here, we are using VOCAL server as the SIP Server. We connected the server in the LAN.
The SIP Client is able to interect with the VOCAL Server.
At present, we are creating the User accounts in the server manually. we are working on
creating the User accounts dynamically by the user.
we are unable to communicate with the VOCAL Server for registering the User details (like User name, password,..)
My Doubts are,
1. is it possible to registering the user accounts dynamically in the VOCAL Server..?
2. Are there any difficulties to achieve this..?
3. what are the necessary things we have to do to achieve the User Registration..?
4. Are there any alternatives to achieve this..?
5. any related technologies to do this..?

I am waiting for your reply.

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