[sip-comm-dev] User info - Where is the buddy UIN (ICQ only)


Hello devs,

Here's a kind of usability enhancement request.

Very often I want to share the ICQ number of someone from my contact list with somebody else. What I do now is either:
    1) Right click on the buddy in the main window and select User info; or
    2) Open the chat dialog and click on the little "I"-like icon on the upper right corner;
Then the default browser opens with a URL like this: http://www.icq.com/people/about_me.php?uin=xxxxxxxxx I copy the UIN directly from the browser address bar and immediately close the page, because I've got what I need - the number. I didn't want to read the user's info.

Now, since the sip-communicator program itself already has this information (we can see it as a tooltip when we hover the mouse over the buddy in the contact list), would it be possible to just display it somewhere in a copy/paste-friendly form. Like, for example, it could be somewhere in the chat window together with the picture of the buddy and other things.


--Pavel Tankov


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