[sip-comm-dev] Upgrade ZRTP jar to version 1.4.2



I've just cheked in a new version of ZRTP jar.

The new version supports the latest spec of ZRTP (12) that
introduces a new Key Derivation Functions (KDF) that is compliant
with NIST SP 800-108 :wink: .

build.xml and the IDE files were also upgraded accordingly.
The new ZRTP spec changed the ZRTP protocol version from 1.00
to 1.10 thus only version 1.4.2 of the ZRTP libraries (Java
and C++) are interoperable. Phil's new Zfone SDK and the Zfone
itself will show up during the next days - of course they are
interoperable with ZRTP libraries V 1.4.2

Have fun.



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