[sip-comm-dev] Update for the typing notification



I'm working on a new notification system. It will inform the user that
one of his contact will contact him.

It's a little extension of the OperationSetTypingNotification, it will
show a popup near the systray with a message : "There is a disturbance
in the Force. XXX will contact you". (the message will be changed in
the official version).

I've had some lines in the
sc.impl.gui.main.contactlist.ContactListPanel, in the method :
setChatNotificationMsg. Currently, if there isn't a chat window open
for the contact, the typing notification message is shown in a popup.

The test was made between two MSN accounts but the popup doesn't show.
If I open a chat window with the contact, the message is displayed at
the bottom of the window.
Then I close the window and write a message in the other program. And
finally the popup appears.

I've retried many times but the popup only show when the dialog was
open. It seems the event isn't recevied by the panel until the chat
window (with the contact) is open.

Does someone know why the event isn't send ? or what does the chat
window to "activate" the operationset ?




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