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De: Brian Burch [mailto:Brian@PingToo.com]
  Enviada: qui 08/12/2005 09:19
  Para: sip-communicator Developers
  Assunto: [sip-comm-dev] Ant targets... external or internal
  If you run "ant -projecthelp" you get a listing of our "external" ant targets within the
  The ant mechanism in this area isn't very elegant. In the ideal world, <target> would
  have an extra attribute such as targetType=internal/external. However, at the moment
  the way to make this distinction is via the description attribute - if it exists, the target is
  externally visible... otherwise it is not.
  Of course, there is nothing to prevent you running ant against an internal target. I'm only
  talking about those targets which appear when you run -projecthelp.
  I have reviewed my own new targets and categorised them... external targets have a
  description attribute and internal targets have an XML comment instead of a
  I have the impression that we have too many external targets and would like to make a
  few changes. However, I am not familiar enough with their functionality and usefulness
  to be sure of the right decisions. Can anyone help?
  1. Probably should be internal :- bundle-sip, bundle-slick-runner, bundle-slickless,
  2. OK as external now :- clean, make, rebuild, test.
  3. Perhaps better to be internal :- compile, extractnativejmf, package.
  4. Perhaps better to be external :- cc-buildloop
  Emil will have spotted my discomfort with the cc-buildloop and rebuild targets... they
  don't do the same thing. I'm also unsure whether it is helpful to update the javadoc
  every time. Obviously, our CruiseControl target needs to be our "safety net" by
  recreating the project from scratch. I realise developers might find a quicker "rebuild"
  target useful, but I'm confused myself and wonder if others might feel the same as me. If
  "rebuild" doesn't rebuild everything, perhaps it has the wrong name? If cc-buildloop is
  really a "rebuild", why don't we call it rebuild?
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