[sip-comm-dev] Traffic class [QoS]


I have a question regarding QoS, marking Traffic class.
I found some quite old entries in community mailing list about attempts to mark RTP packets with Traffic Class flag for QoS purpose. Still I have some questions:

1. Did any one managed to archive any success in this area (marking RTP packets with Traffic Class)?
2. Does anyone have guides how to do that nicely (implement custom JMF Connector?)?
3. I fought about downloading JMF sources and setting Traffic Class there permanently (probably chenging only one java class)(but JMF sources I found are incomplete do not containg javax.jmf.rtp packet which is crucial)

I did my research and found a solution with implementing custom Connector - but that implicates change in RTP connection Management (one can not use RTPManager.addTarget/removeTarget - when uses custom Connector).

Any help will be appreciated.

Przemyslaw Dudek


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