[sip-comm-dev] test with SIP account


Dear all,
I tested SC nb2329 on WinXP SP2 with SIP account from Iptel:
Video is not (yet) working - after clicking on "toogle video" the connection
interrupts (error: "failure")
zRTP with Audio is working (VERY nice), the sound quality is very good, a
bit artificial but ok.
Did not test yet talks with a duration over 10min but it will follow.

small issues:
+) the SIP accounts are still stated "online" (green button) even the other
partner is offline or has turned off SC.
This changes only after restarting SC
The other way is the same: if on my SC the SIP-contact is shown offline the
other contact will not turn to "available" before restarting SC.

+) Sometimes "two" SC icons appear on my taskbar - checking in task manager
the "processes" it revealed that there are two java machines running
- no idea how that happens (?)

kind regards, MS