[sip-comm-dev] Systray icon show/hide doesn't honor maximized window


Hello Devs,

I just felt like sharing this thought with you.

Firstly, how did I come across this issue when noone uses IM clients in a maximized mode. :slight_smile: Well, I work under KDE and we have the window manager automatically clip window edges when they are close to the ends of the screen, or to other window borders. So, when I run sip-communicator I normally place it on the rightmost side of my screen, stretched up and down all the way until it KDE clips its top and bottom window borders to the top and bottom ends of my desktop.

So I noticed that when I used the systray icon to hide/show the main window, it didn't come back stretched as it was originally. Please, note that the issue doesn't reproduce with horizontal stretching - only vertical. Then I thought this might have something to do with maximized windows and tried that. It reproduced again - after hide/show the main sip-communicator window didn't come back maximixed as it was.

--Pavel Tankov


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