[sip-comm-dev] Support, maintenance, and custom dev services


Hey folks,

I am thinking of adding to the sip-communicator.org site a menu in the
navigation bar that links to a list of companies offering paid support,
maintenance, and on-demand development services related to SIP

We are a very rapidly evolving project, and at least up till now, we
have always privileged new functionalities to stability. This makes it
hard for people to use SIP Communicator in production environments
without help from our developers.

I was therefore thinking that adding such a list should foster adoption
on the one hand, but also help companies that employ SIP Communicator
developers and thus invest in the project (like the one that I am
working for). What do you all think?

Are there any other people on this list that are being paid to work on
SC _and_ whose employers are interested in handling support and
maintenance requests? If so, then please let me know. So far the only
condition for a company to be in the maintenance list (other than
actually proposing support services on SC) is that it employs at least
one officially recognized [1] SIP Communicator developer (i.e. committer).


[1] http://www.sip-communicator.org/contributors


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