[sip-comm-dev] Strange voice delay on eee-PC



today I did some testing to get sc working on my eee PC 901 (first generation Atom 1GB RAM, nothing special)

I called another machine using SIP and established a video call. As soon as I turn on the camera at the eee side the sound gets delayed by ages (>5 sec)

The image is fine. The other way around (from the stronger machine to the eee) the sound comes in with good latency

What's wrong?
a) the eee is underpowered (don't believe that) and video encoding eats up all the processing power.
b) the WLAN card is strange and there is an UDP jam of outgoing packets (remember it with an old linphone verson last year - update to Karmic solved it)
c) video gets preference over voice and voice packets queue up
d) something even more strange

Any ideas?

Thank you for help


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