[sip-comm-dev] Stopping a stream


I started to implement the reINVITE.

I would like to be able to stop and resume a stream (eg: maintain audio
and add/remove video).

In the method createTransmitter() of AVTransmitter.java, an object
SendStream is created for each stream : audio and video.

That's why I store theses objects and then I invoke the stop() method
when I want to stop the stream and start() when I want to resume.

However, it doesn't work. In the case where I invoke the stop() method,
no more sounds can be heared, there is a pink screen in the video
windows, so no more images but the counter of the video is still running

Am I working on the rights objects ? Do you have any idea ?

Note : I am not using the method removeTarget() of the object RTPManager
cause I want to be able to resume the stream later ...

Thank you in advance,
Laurent ADROIT
Trainee at FT R&D UK


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