[sip-comm-dev] Stop and resume stream for the callHold function


Hi all,

I work on the implementation of the CallHold function. The exchange of SDP
between the 2 participants seems to be good. However I don't really know how
I can stop the stream in SIP Communicator. I would have some help for it.

I tryed to use something like "stream.stop()" (can be found in
net.java.sip.communicator.impl.media.CallSessionImpl.java, method
stopStreaming(RTPManager rtpManager, String rtpManagerDescription) but "
rtpManager.getSendStreams()" result seems to be empty. If you know where i
should looking for to solve my problem.

I have another question about the SDP description for the Call Hold process.
I would know where I have to put the "a=sendonly" attribute. Can you tell me
please what is the correct SDP description between the 2 following.

SDP 1 :
m=audio 5000 RTP/AVP 97 3 0 110 5 8 4
m=video 5002 RTP/AVP 34 26

SDP 2 :
m=audio 5000 RTP/AVP 97 3 0 110 5 8 4
m=video 5002 RTP/AVP 34 26

Thanks for your help.

Max & Tom