[sip-comm-dev] Start sip-communicator project out of Eclipse in Linux


I am using Linux (Ubuntu) and was not able to setup my Eclipse to start SIP Communicator correctly. I followed the guide "How to configure Eclipse to compile and debug SIP Communicator" on the website but was not able to set the "Environment variable" correctly. I tried several variations of Variable (PATH, $PATH) and Value ($PATH:./lib/native/linux-64) entries but was not successful to start the sip-communicator project without errors.

I finally was able to solve the problem by adding the native libraries folder in the project settings. You have to open the sip-communicator Properties, select the "Java Build Path" entry, fold out the "sip-communicator/src" and edit the "Native library location" entry so that it points to "sip-communicator/lib/native/linux-64" directory. That's it.

If you use Linux and was able to start SIP Communicator out of Eclipse as described in the HowTo please let me know. Otherwise it would be nice if someone adds this hint to the HowTo.



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