[sip-comm-dev] SSH4SC Project Update



The almost finalized version of SSH is attached :slight_smile:

please apply the patch as

1) copy jsch-0.1.33.jar to lib/installer-exclude/
2) copy ssh folder to resources/images
3) sip-communicator # patch -p1 < ssh4sc.patch

ant rebuild run :slight_smile:

Here is the list of updates

- code fully compatible with 1.4
- public key authentication added
- first command is not ignored
- file transfer works when destination folder is specified(file name same as
of source)
- remote machine reader buffers for 250 ms before sending the command output
to chat window
(seems best trade-off between delay/fragmented output)

- pop-ups of asynchronous output have been disabled! they are now shown as
System messages only

- ONLINE presence status is checked by initiating a tcp connection on 22
port (ssh port)

for replacing isReachable() method of java 1.5
- use Runtime.exec "ping " + some options + " " + remoteHostName etc...
- use JNI native libraries
- wait for migration to 1.5

please suggest!

ssh4sc.tar.bz2 (176 KB)


Shobhit Jindal
B.Tech. Part-IV,
Department Of Electronics Engineering,
Centre of Advanced Studies,
Institute Of Technology, BHU