[sip-comm-dev] Sound Level Indicator Progress Report


Hi all!

Here goes a brief report on my progress in implementing a Sound Level

*Processed local audio stream
*The local audio stream captured from capture devices was processed to
extract sound level details. This was done in the media bundle


Processed remote audio stream
*The remote audio stream coming through the network was also processed to
get the sound level details. This was also done in the media package.
The values were forwarded to the protocol bundle
*By implementing event listener interfaces the sound level details extracted
in the media bundle was passed to the protocol bundle. And in there, the
relevant participants were resolved by referring to the identifiers set in
the media bundle.
Then they were forwarded to the gui bundle
*By further implementing event listener interfaces the sound level details
were passed from the protocol bundle to the gui bundle to be displayed on
Sound Level Indicator UI was implemented
*The UI of the one dimensional sound level indicator was created and it was
added to the existing call dialog box.
Entire sound level functionality added for a 1 to 1 call
*So the entire process of implementing sound level indicator for a 1 to 1
call is finished.

Check a screen shot of the sound level indicator added call UI from here.

You could check the latest code from here.

Thank you..