[sip-comm-dev] Sound input and output



as mentioned in some other threads, sound input/ output is (especially
on Linux) often a problem (at least, this is my experience).

Now I think, that the handling of this "errors" is not really correct.

For the input device:

If SC fails to open the input device, the user is not aware of this (as
mentioned in another thread). But he could still place a call, which -
of course - will fail, as he has no sound input device.
Apart from a better user information, placing a call should not be
possible at all, if there is no input device available (a call without
any sound input seems to me really useless).

For the output device:

On my Linux setup, I can place a call with SC, although the sound output
device is busy (I can see it in the logs, and I don't here the callee).
This should also be handled in a better way, so that the user gets a
feedback that his sound output device is currently busy (a call without
hearing anything is as useless as the above one...). This case is even
worse (in my opinion), as the call gets connected, but you just can't
here anything...




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