[sip-comm-dev] Some problem when configure eclipse


Hi all:
         Thank you for Cristina Tabacaru's reply, i have solved it following your email
          About the second question, i found a letter from the maillist archives which wrote by NIE PIN
        I tried it and run well without any Chinese character problem.

after so many tests, it seems the cause of font issue is captured.

〉According to Dai's words, I found the title of frames can display Chinese

correctly. but other places render squares.
I found TitlePanel.java under "impl.gui.customcontrols" has a little
difference than other SIPcomm gui components:
"this.titleLabel.setFont(this.getFont().deriveFont(Font.BOLD, 14));"

I tried it in AccountRegFirstPage.java, it corrects the Chinese font problem
for its own objects.
Old code:
this.pageTitleLabel.setFont(Constants.FONT.deriveFont(Font.BOLD, 18));

new code:
this.pageTitleLabel.setFont(this.getFont().deriveFont(Font.BOLD, 18));

To solve the problem completely, the font name in Constants.FONT definition
must be changed to any font family, which includes western and Chinese. More
other supported language would be better. All fonts families and supported
languages on windows can be found in "notepad --> font" option. Currently, i
changed the original "Verdana" to "Arial Unicode MS", and everything works


======== 2008-04-22 16:39:50 you wrote in your letter: ========

Hi bright,

I'll answer your first question for now.

There is a problem with Eclipse updating the .classpath file (that we'll fix later on) which makes that jdic-misc.jar is indicated as a missing library.
To solve this, right click sip-communicator project in Eclipse and go to the project Properties. In the Java Build Path section select Libraries tab, click Add Jars and browse for the jdic jar in sip-communicator/lib/installer-exclude/jdic_misc.jar
That'll do it.



2008/4/22 bright <brightchen7@gmail.com>:

Hello all:

       There were two problems in my installation and configuration of eclipse:
   1) eclipse can not import org.jdesktop.jdic.misc.* (I think lib do not contain jdic-misc.jar); but, in the downloaded source, I didn't find the jar.
   2) The language of the sip-communicator display incorrect. My OS is WINDOWS XP sp2 Simple Chinese. But the sip-communicator can not display Chinese in the GUI, only some codes look like "rectangles" in the GUI.



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