[sip-comm-dev] slow e-mail delivery


Some of you may have noticed that e-mail delivery on the project mailing lists has become very very very slow and even fails in some cases. Here's a bit more info on that from the communityleads mailing list of java.net

So, here is the current scenario. Spammers/virus had saturated most of
the available smtp connections to Sun's smtp server, asmx1.sfo machine.
We can only determine if the email is spam or not after we establish the
smtp connection. These smtp connections get maxed out soon. As a
workaround it would be possible to increase the # of smtp connections
allowed to asmx1.sfo. However there is a capacity problem with the spam
filter (Brightmail) which can't handle unlimited number of connections
to the filter process. CN operations are trying to minimize the spread
of the spam/virus at this point by:
1) Adding known virus subjects to the mail server so that it will reject
those mails;
2) Limiting the # of sendmail processes so that we are allowing mail to
flow slowly but surely.

The Brightmail server as it exists now neither has neither clustering
facility nor the Virus scanning ability. The upgrade to the next version
of Brightmail promises to reduce the occurrences of such mail delays due
to spam/virus attacks.

Hope they fix it soon cause the situation is becoming pretty annoying.



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