[sip-comm-dev] Sip slick tests corrected [all but one]



Not all errors are corrected, in the generated report, the test: TestOperationSetPersistentPresence.testRetrievingServerStoredContactList failed with message:
The following contacts were on the server sidec contact list, but were not returned by the pers. pres. op. set{test-group=[user1]}

I will look it up after lunch and correct it just to get the job completely done. Meanwhile, I attach the patch relative to the r5344 version. This patch is sent to this mailing list because i have some questions there that i'm sure can be easily answered here, summing up the questions:

1. Should we register the service providers in the .setUp() of the SipSlickFixture.java?
Probable answer: It seems to me that the registration process is an online one, so maybe put a call to a function that does this after the:
" if (!SipSlickFixture.onlineTestingDisabled) {" of SipProtocolServiceProviderLick is done. Also, does one need to register the providers everytime? probably once is enough after the test.

2. the .setUp() method of SipSlickFixture.java currently uses the newly created class SimpleSecurityAuthority.java that is a copy of the inner class found in TestProtocolProviderServiceSipImpl.java is this correct, making a new class?
if so, the inner class of TestProtocolProviderServiceSipImpl can be deleted and all references to it be updated by a reference to the newly created SimpleSecurityAuthority.java

3. What happens when you get a property from a file and the property is in the form: "PROPERTYKEY=" without anything after the =, is it null in this case or an empty string: "" is returned? basicly, should i maintain the assertNull of the password properties in the .setUp() of SipSlickFixture.java? what if no password is required?

Jo´┐Żo Antunes

mostSipSlickTestsCorrected - to be applied on r5344.patch (20.9 KB)