[sip-comm-dev] SIP communicator


Hello, I am a final year student in the UK and ready
to start doing my final year project (thesis) in a
couple of weeks time. One of the suggested topics is
developing for an open-source, open standards VOIP
application (like SIP communicator). When I asked
my project supervisor if this can be my thesis, this is
what I got:

"This sounds really interesting. You need to identify
a specific piece
of work that will take approx 450 hours, including
the final report.
You will need to describe the work that will be done,
the complexity,
and the expected outcome / deliverables.

One snag with an active open source project is that
others will be
working around you. For the purposes of the final
year project, this
makes it difficult for you to plan ahead - there might
be a clash with
other contributions. My suggestion is that you take
a clean branch of
the open source code, work on it in isolation for the
whole year, and
then face the branch merge after the project has
been examined.

Does this help?"

Now, is something like that possible? What is your

Thank you,