[sip-comm-dev] SIP Communicator Registration



I was trying to connect SIP Communicator in OpenIMSCore server. I think now I can connect SIP Communicator somehow, but probably it seems like registration is not fulfilling all requirement from server side. I was trying to compare the registration with IMS Communicator. So from the server side it shows that my SIP Communicator is registered, but if I compare the result with IMS Communicator log then I found that SIP Communicator miss UAR! Authentication twice and at the end after the registration it also skip LIR! authentication.

I don't have much idea about UAR!, MAR!, SAR!, LIR! authentication. So now I am little bit confuse with my problem.

I don't know where exactly the problem lies (in server side or in SIP Communicator) . Because from server I found that my SIP Communicator registration is successful. I am trying to connect my SIP Communicator by the following user data(SIP id: alice@open-ims.test<mailto:alice@open-ims.test>, password: alice, Registrar: scscf.open-ims.test, Server Port: 6060, Proxy:, Proxy Port: 4060, Preferred transport: UDP)

If anybody face this problem or solve this problem then please help me.

I am sending my network trace and screenshot of the server log by mail attachment.

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