[sip-comm-dev] SIP Communicator on Android


Hi devs,

Let me introduce the prototype of SIP Communicator on Google's new mobile
platform Android !!!

It has been a great challenge porting a rich, complex and "hi-tech"
application such as SIP Communicator, on the "freshly" released Android
Moreover, the permanent support and guidance from SIP Communicator and
Apache Felix communities made it an even greater experience.
Thank you guys !!!

This prototype represents in fact a model to follow for the future
integration of the hole SIP Communicator application, a first brick in the
wall, and I'm looking forward for suggestions, comments and contributions of
any kind.

In the attached document you can find information related to my work and the
goals I have achieved, and most importantly, information on how to get the
sources of my project and build it.

Enjoy it,

Porting SIP Communicator on Android.pdf (290 KB)