[sip-comm-dev] sip communicator media problem behind NAT


Hello All,

I had a media problem when both of my clients are sip
communicator behind NAT.
I have identified my NAT is PORT restricted NAT using
STUN server. when i call it connects properly.But the
media doesn't pass on either side in the case where
both the ends are sip communicator.

If the one end is sip-communcator and the other end is
windows messanger,in this case windows Messager
recevies the media properly but the sip communicator
fails to receive any media.

I had used stun01.sipphone.com and larry.gloo.net stun
servers and Asterisk as my sip server.I had traced it
using tcpdump in my SIP server end and etheral at my
sip communicator end to log the network packet flow
details.The result shows that the gateway machine is
not listened on the particular port that is specified
as video port and audio port on configuration.The
asterisk server machine tells that the specified port
is unreachable.

����������������������� |� Stun server����� |�
����������������������� |-------------------|�
������������������������������ ^
�|�������� |������ |���������� |
�| client1 |------->gateway1---|������������������
�|---------| LAN 1 |���������� v
���������������������������� |������������������ |
���������������������������� |Asterisk sip server|
���������������������������� |-------------------|
�|�������� |������� |��������� ^
�| client2 |------->gateway2---|��������������������
�|---------| LAN 2� |��������� |
������������������������������ v
������������������������ |� Stun server����� |�
������������������������ |-------------------|�

primary stun server� - stun01.sipphone.com
secondary stun server- larry.gloo.net
Is that the setup is wrong? or sip communicator
doesn't support NAT?
can anybody help me to solve this problem.��
Thanks in advance,


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