[sip-comm-dev] Sip Communicator (Linux) UI issues



I have some small UI related issues/suggestions after testing the latest builds of Sip Communicator:

Calling phone numbers:

It would be nice if the phone numbers typed/pasted in the input field to have all non-numerical characters removed when given to the caller engine.
The idea is that many times people (including me) copy-paste phone numbers from web sites and those numbers might have "-", ".", space and whatnot characters in them.
This string should be parsed and determined whether it is a valid IP address and if it isnt, clicking the little call button would strip all non-numerical characters and forward it as a number only.
Or something along these lines, but giving the ability to the user to perform hassle(edit)-free calls with these types of phone numbers somehow withouth removing the ability to call custom strings as they are exactly (user names made up from numbers-and-non-letter characters etc).


The Sip Communicator's own popups in the left corner dont show all the text they are supposed to - the messages shown in them are truncated if longer.
BTW i like better the Sip Communicators own popups than the freedesktop.org ones.


I recently got rid of Gnome and installed Xfce - The skin is not following the desktop theme, although another Java apps (at least Mucommander) do. Why?
Xfce is based on Gtk just as Gnome does. For me this is not that big of a problem, but for others might be frustrating.

Tray icon:

In Gnome all is well with the tray icon, but in Xfce the icon is truncated because of the smaller sytray - i use 24 pixel taskbars on both DEs. In Xfce most other icons scale up/down when i increase/decrease the height of the taskbar - it is at full size with a taskbar 28 pixel in height only. Can it be made so that it scale up/down instead of cropping or it is a Java/Xfce issue (because the same is the case of mucommander)?

Tray icon event notification (missed calls etc)

Id like to see a missed calls notification on the icon, not just for unread messages - the red call count (Skype-style) that is present in the main window would be nice to show up on the icon.

PS Had the Jabber file transfer problems addressed yet? Just a question, i dont want to be pushy about it.


Kertesz Laszlo


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