[sip-comm-dev] sip communicator in j2me


      I want to implement sip communicator in j2me..I am aware of the
fact someone here developed the android version , It must be better if
the mobile client can send rtp audio stream in real time. That is not
still impossible in j2me, Thats why most of the existing j2me vendors
use java callback technique which is in fact voice mail transfer but
better than http,
     In past i was used to with sip communicator stack in gsoc and i
enjoyed that..Now i believe i can contribute to my mobile networking
area with the existing protocol implementation presented in sip
     I hope some of you should help me in this j2me implementation of
sip communicator. Suggestion and proposal and comments are respected.
     There is a restriction here as well.The j2me does not support rtp
send. But Symbian C++ supports it.Its important to make sip
communicator.on mobile as efficient as its pc to pc version. So we
have to keep in mind that..



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