[sip-comm-dev] SIP Communicator @ Google Summer of Code 2010


Hey all,

Google have just published the list of orgs they've accepted for this
year's SoC and SIP Communicator is once again among them! Looks like we
are headed for another busy and exciting summer ;).

You can check out the full list here:


I am very happy to make the announcement since this year we have a
number of particularly exciting features that you can have a look at
over here:


We are looking forward to reading the student applications for every one
of them!

As usual, I think we can expect a number of candidates (and then
participants) writing to this list for guidance, so let's make sure they
get the answers (or links) they need and make feel at home.

Also, let's make sure that we spread the word about SC's participation
(and GSoC in general) so that students interested in the project, know
that they can get involved.

Wish you all a happy and productive summer!



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