[sip-comm-dev] Sip-communicator functionality in another app


Hey all,

  I have an app that uses Smack for xmpp communication and I am exploring the possibility of adding audio and video chat. Although Smack does have jingle support, officially, it seems to be dead-end, undocumented, unsupported and outdated. I tried to get it to work without much luck.

  I've been communicating a bit with Emil about another possibility: modifying sip-communicator so that it can be used as a library. Basically, I'd like to pass it a reference to an XMPP connection and be able to setup an audio/video connection to a specified remote host. I realize some code refactoring may be involved, but Emil tells me that the extensive use of Felix in the SIP Communicator makes this more difficult, and that Felix would have to be, at least partially replaced with something else.

  What is everyone else's take on this? Is this the right approach or is there a better and/or easier way? Is it really that difficult to get in and out of Felix?

  Is anyone else interested in getting this sort of thing done and willing to pitch in time and/or money?

Thanks all,



Bjorn Roche
Audio Collaboration

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