[sip-comm-dev] SIP Communicator alpha2 release is out!

Hi Peter,

What exactly do you mean by Bonjour support? Are you compliant with the
Link-Local Messaging spec? I worked with folks at Apple to make sure
that it's accurate:


"Bonjour" support was implemented at the beginning of year 2007 in SC, so as you know, the XEP-0174 hadn't reached the status of Draft at that time. Nevertheless, we've tried to support the behavior described in the experimental specs, so it might be compliant with the final draft. In fact, we were mainly focusing on the compatibility with gaim/pidgin's implementation and with Apple's iChat.
I've taken a quick look at the XEP-0174 1.0 when it was released, but I haven't had time to check if everything would be ok in SIP Communicator. I'll do so soon and if any modifications are needed, I'll take care of them.

Best Regards,