[sip-comm-dev] signing jar files

Hi there,

I'm trying to start SC by JWS.
I have my felix_launch.jnlp file, but when I execute it I have this error:

JAR resources in JNLP file are not signed by same certificate

I verified all the jar files with
jarsigner -certs -verbose -verify xxx.jar

And I can't find which file is signed by another party.
I read that, if one file is signed by another party you can put this jar
in a separate JNLP and reference it in my main JNLP...

But I still don't know how can I find this/these file/s.

Does any body know how to find it?
Or anybody can help me by telling how to sign jar files (because I found
two ways:
1. keytool -genkey -alias autentia -validity 120 -v
jarsigner.exe xxx.jar autentia -verbose
2. keytool -genkey -keystore myKeystore -alias myself
keytool -selfcert -alias myself -keystore myKeystore
jarsigner -keystore myKeystore xxx.jar myself

Thanks in advance for any kind of help.



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