[sip-comm-dev] SC controlled from the web server



I would like to make SC acting like web site visitors chat and talk program.
I think this will require some code changing.

My rough outline is follows:

1) Add the ability to initiate provisionning from the command line; the only
argument will be provisionning URI

If the provisionning uri will be received via command line, SC will enter
"mandatory provisionning" mode, in which it will

2) Display this fact in the title bar
3) Disable user of editing SC configuration (because it will be provided by
the server), as if SHOW_OPTIONS_WINDOW was disabled
4) Allow multiple instances depending on site ID (don't know how to do this
5) Ignore properties file to avoid interference with other SCs which may run
simultaneously (don't know how to do this yet)

From the server side I think to use JavaWS, which will launch SC and pass

provisionning URI to it.
Other server-side part will provide provisionning responses.

I think server will generate temporarily random SIP credentials for visitor
and use them to configure SC. Since they are temporarily, it will be no need
to use SSL.

Communications will be served by opensips.

So, please value this plan. If it is reasonable at all?

I will be highly appreciate any other hints :slight_smile:

Thank you and excuse my English.