[sip-comm-dev] SC and some runtime statistics and behaviour - now with video and ZRTP



today (after fixing some problems :slight_smile: ) I used the test setup to do
some profiling of SC when using video and ZRTP.

Full-duplex video on my Linux system requires about 58-61% of CPU,
half-duplex (receiving from Windows system) requires about 25% CPU

Memory: (running with sound level indicator)
Video does not add very much to the memory load, with sound level
indicator and full duplex video a GC run every 30 scond, 3-4MB/s
heap memory (test without sound level display follows the next days)

Switching of SRTP processing does not change CPU nor memory load in
a way that the profile can display it. The extra load is too small
to show measurable effects (with the available tools).



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