[sip-comm-dev] RtplFow a "protocol indepedant" way for media data transfert in media service



When trying to access jmf from jingle, I saw that it was a bit
difficult, because the service has been designed primarily for SIP.

So, Emil has proposed to have a basic "protocol independant" RtpFlow
which will handle media data transfert. I had made this very simple interface
(and a corresponding impl) to allow access to the media service from jingle.

RtpFlow works for jingle like CallSession does for SIP (only for audio).
Except that a RtpFlow do not handle session stuff . It's threrefore unaware of jingle.
It's why it's declared "protocol independant".

I have tested this with jingle and it seems to works fine at a first glance.


MediaService.java.patch (3.01 KB)

MediaServiceImpl.java.patch (3.19 KB)

RtpFlow.java.patch (1.63 KB)

RtpFlowImpl.java.patch (13.6 KB)