[sip-comm-dev] Router Settings



first of all a nice Thank you for all of you programmers who pushed sc a big step forward.

Today I was able to share my screen with a colleage of mine i vice versa. Looks like it reached a stage where one could use it in production.

There wasn't even an increase in latency - and thus the echo canceller kept working nicely. :slight_smile:

One observation that might be of interest to all of the folks who use an router such as the Netgear WGR614V8. (actually a nice piece with open source software on it)

I had to check the option "Disable SIP ALG" to be able to establish an Jingle call from my side. (I've posted about this) It looks like as this option does something as rewriting "SIP" or rather RTP packets to fit in the public address. ICE doesn't seem to like it.

For the record: Can anyone reproduce this?



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