[sip-comm-dev] Renamed CallParticipant to CallPeer


Hey all,

I've been discussing this with some of you already but decided it won't
hurt to send a note to the list as well.

I have just renamed the CallParticipant class to CallPeer. I've also
tried to rename all references and variable names but there might be
some left behind. The change is pretty trivial but is worth an
explanation in regard of the amount of commits (you can blame those on
git-svn ;).

The reason for this change is our ongoing work on support for conference
calls. During a SIP/XMPP conference call, the "participant" term is
ambiguous since it may refer to either peers that we are directly
communicating with or members that we only know of through the
conference focus agent. The difference is important since there are a
number of things we could do with call peers (e.g. establish a secure
connection, send dtmf, hang up, put on hold, mute, etc.) and almost none
that we can do with conference members. The latter are only meant as
read-only entities and we use them in order to retrieve information such
as their presence, status, name, and (eventually) sound level.

Having said this, I think I would have preferred the CallPeer term
(courtesy of Sebastien Mazy) right from the start, had I thought of it,
since it portrays relations during a call a lot better.

An important thing to mention is that the refactoring may cause problems
for some of you if you are working on call related features. Most of the
time the changes are trivial so you should be fine even if you had to do
the merge manually. However, if that seems impossible and you are facing
a short deadline (e.g. GSoC students) then you may want to produce a
patch against the last revision from before my change (r5694), and we'll
try to handle it this way.



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