[sip-comm-dev] ReInvite in SIP Communicator


Hi Everybody,

I am trying to modify a existing session in SIP Communicator. My main purpose is to add/remove SDP content from existing session. For this reason I have to implement REInvite method which is currently not supported in SIP Communicator.

I want to implement a method which is look like

         * The other user of a user2user session requested to modify the session
         * @param handle the handle to the user2user session
         * @param newRemoteSDPDescription the modified session description
         * @param oldRemoteSDPDescription the current session description
void sessionModificationRequestReceived(SessionHandle handle, SessionDescription remoteSDPDescription, SessionDescription oldRemoteSDPDescription);

If anybody has sample source code for implementing REInvite method then please help me.

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you.

Best regards

Yeasin Habib


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