[sip-comm-dev] Re: svn commit: r6674 - trunk/src/native/ffmpeg/net_java_sip_communicator_impl_neomedia_codec_video_FFMPEG.c


For the purposes of archival and if anyone is interested in trying it
out, attached is a patch for the H.264 JNIEncoder and JNIDecoder which
further reduces allocations and copying. I've only been able to test
it on Linux but the video capture there is very bad and it's not easy
to see the improvements of this patch. I'll try to further measure its
effect and commit in into trunk at a later time, probably after the
video capture and the RGB/YUV conversions are fixed to use sane
amounts of the CPU.

reduced-h264-allocations-and-copying.patch (17.1 KB)


On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 2:18 AM, <lubomir_m@dev.java.net> wrote:

Speeds up the H.264 decoder by fixing a poor implementation of mine. The binaries of our FFMPEG JNI wrapper need rebuilding on all supported operating systems.