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[ x ] +1 Accept Ken as a committer.


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De : Muhammad Hakim <hakimrie@gmail.com>
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Objet : Re: [sip-comm-dev] [VOTE] Ken Larson for Committer

[ x ] +1 Accept Ken as a committer.

On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 2:43 AM, Emil Ivov <emcho@sip-communicator.org> wrote:

Hello all,

I would like to call a vote for granting commit rights (java.net
Developer role) to Ken Larson.

Ken is the founder of the FMJ (Freedom for Media in Java) project, and
we have been collaborating for quite a while now. Last year he has been
helping Chris a lot with his work on the finalization of the FMJ RTP
stack. This year he is one of the official SIP Communicator mentors for
GSoC 2008 and he has already started work on replacing JMF with FMJ in
SIP Communicator (see the [PATCH] mails he sent here). He has expressed
his interest in helping us on numerous occasions and we are actually
quite happy to have him. Our media service is arguably one of the most
obscure parts of the code and JMF has been the source of some of the
most vicious bugs and issues that we have been experiencing with SIP
Communicator (most of them still open). If we are to remain a viable
VoIP alternative we would need to absolutely move away from JMF (this is
actually one of the milestones for our alpha3 release) and Ken could
help a lot there.

Therefore, according to the procedure described in "Becoming a SIP
Communicator Committer" :

I am calling this vote on granting him the java.net Developer role.

[ ] +1 Accept Ken as a committer.
[ ] 0 Does not matter to me.
[ ] -1 Reject Ken as a committer.

Note: Votes from non-developers (non-binding votes) are encouraged since
they show the general opinion of the SIP Communicator community.


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