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Hi James, all,

I think that when the implementation has been designed, messages were assumed to be set automatically according to the selected status. It was just a way to work but I think that it can be changed with taking care on places which are automatically modifying it.

I mean that when a new presence status is selected, the message automatically changes so if we want to keep a user specified message or something like this, we got to not anymore automatically update the status message when the presence status changes. But perhaps the users prefers that his message changes again when he changes his status. So there's a little decision to take here, but yes, it's not a big work to add this capacity. Btw this has perhaps already been decided in others protocol so it's perhaps better to follow the way it's presently working.

Hope that helps,

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Objet : [sip-comm-dev] SIP status message

Hello guys,

I got a question while struggling with the implementation of SIP.
I think we can set the presenceStatusMessage, String type, when
we select the lowest menu of PresenceStatusSelectorBox. However,
there aren't any way to access it: actually it doesn't seems like it
"sets" the message since all the protocols that have setStatusMessage
method in it, don't have getStatusMessage method. So, I'm wandering
why it is. It doesn't seem like a hard work; just put a String variable
called presenceStatusMessage in PresenceStatus class and let the
[protocol]StatusEnums, Contact[protocol]Impls change according to it.
Is there any reason you didn't make it or is it just missing?
Thank you for all your hard works.

James H. LEE

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