[sip-comm-dev] Re:[sip-comm-dev] callHold - patch


I have tried to use your implementation of the Call Hold function

( callHold.patch ) but I have some problems :(.

I'll try to explain the problems :

A = IP phone

B = The SIP Communicator

A call B, after answering B put the call from A on hold – OK,

when B try to Un-hold the call from A, the connection with A is still open
but B ( The SIP Communicator) can't hear A, ( A can hear B).

Even A close the connection with B ( Hung Up), B still show "Connected".

If B is put on hold from A, B show "On Hold" it is OK but can't be un-hold
from A (Even A chose Un-hold option)...

Any suggestions please...

Excuse for my English.