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Working with our Sun T/S and Sun Ray Engineering contacts, we eventually traced the problems we were seeing to compatibility issues with bi-directional audio in the JDS3/CDE environment when running SRSS 3.1 (Build 21) on Sun Ray 170, Sun Ray 1 & Sun Ray 1G thin clients. We think the problem lays somewhere in setting/passing environment variables to describe the virtual Sun Ray device paths when working with the $AUDIODEV redirector. We were only able to get bidirectional audio working in SRSS using applications that didn't use the redirection and were hard-coded to be Sun Ray aware (for example, CDE's embedded VoiceNote application).

Since sip-communicator layers on top of whatever audio environment is existing at the client, it of course suffers from it's problems too. We are working with Sun to get the right groups involved to fix the issues and make bi-directional audio functional for Sun Rays. It should be noted that some groups in Sun dispute our claims (other agree) and think it is a problem with our environment/configuration and not a SRSS software bug. We are working with them to to verify this as well and be sure it's really a product issue and not a configuration thing.

On a side note we had a lot of issues working with the javasound stuff and eventually just gave up on it, going with offline audio devices.



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I noticed your message on the sip-communicator forum as you were having problems with transmitting audio from the recieving end(attached below). I'm running the same thing, but I have 2 clients apps running point-to-point without the use of a sip-proxy. I'm just wondering did you solve this problem as the same thing is happening with me?

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As mentioned in a previous email, I am trying to run Sip-Communicator on a Sun Ray Server (SRSS v3.1 build 21), and I am experiencing problems with receiving audio from the microphone. I have a microphone device that tests OK with Solaris 10/Sparc with CDE and the "voice note" (Sun Audio v1.0.2) application, I can make recordings and hear them played back. I also hear the audio loopback (my own voice mirrored back in the headphones) when speaking.

The microphone device is available at $AUDIODEV (value may change during the SRSS session) and/or via the shared object library (/usr/lib/libc_ut.so) at /dev/audio (libc_ut.so makes the varying $AUDIODEV transparent and look like /dev/audio to all users).

I have tried to use the media source setting file:/dev/audio, but it does not work. The JVM only detects javasound as a source and it makes no difference to run as root. I'm not certain that javasound supports bi-directional audio in this configuration, but I'm not able to get Sip-Communicator to accept any alternatives. Solutions involving routing my microphone to a port would be fine but would have to support many microphones on the same server at the same IP and since it's not what my Sun Ray Microphone driver does, I'd have to have some software (sip-communicator?) do that and communicate that user port to Sip-Communicator somehow. Changing the preference order of codecs seems to have no effect either.

My SIP proxy works in other configurations with X-ten lite, and 3/4 of it works here, i.e. Both SIP links, and the receive audio RTP link works fine. I can make and receive calls from SIP-Communicator but can only hear sound from that end. I get no errors relating to this in the logs, the RTP link seems to form fine.

Do you have any suggestions on how to move forward?

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