[sip-comm-dev] Re: [nist-sip] Sip-communicator problem -- How can I suppress the Video media (m=) descriptor in SDP


Hello Pradeep,

Excuse me for the delay!

Yup, quite fortunately there is a relatively
big number of sip-communicator users. Better yet, next week we start
work on features that were planned a while ago. In other words the
project is quite alive :slight_smile:

As to the media property. Sip Communicator would always send a "m="
for the video media as it is always capable to receive it. IIRC, this
was causing problems with a client of yours. If that is the case I
could then add a property to explicitly omit the line.


There are many users of SIP Communicator. If you are looking to
justdelete the m= line, you can do so by modifying the code that
encodesthe SessionDescriptionImpl (take a look at the toString
method of thisclass).


Pradeep Chetal wrote:
  Does anyone use ip-communicator?

I had a few queries but never got an answer.

Can one of you 2 help?

-- Pradeep

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[nist-sip] Sip-communicator problem -- How can I suppress the
Video media (m=) descriptor in SDP

I am trying to use the sip-communicator as an audio tool
rather than video tool but want to avoid the "m=" media
corresponding to the video as the soft media server barfs at
the request.

Could someone tell me how I can do that? The config file does
not have any options (or I couldn't deduce).

-- Pradeep

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