[sip-comm-dev] Re: [nist-sip] JsPhone


Hello Oleg,

First of all, you should know that JsPhone is now called SIP COMMUNICATOR
and is now located at


Hi Sirs,

I'm developing SIP SoftSwitch and I want to use your SIP client to
test video. I'm interested in getting SIP client with supporting
video and voice in full rate.

Nice to hear it's being useful.

It seems your implementation has got a bug:
Content-Type header in the INVITE request contains
"applications/sdp" instead of right "application/sdp".

Thanx a lot for your report. I've fixed (acked ur contrib)and updated CVS!

Another question, does your implementation is supposed to accept
INVITE without SDP? There is an exception in JsPhone when I send
such INVITE.

This was indeed a bug but it was reported and fixed a while ago. You
should CVS update (or rather do a fresh checkout because of the new
package names).




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