[sip-comm-dev] Re: JNIEncoder.java and size of Speex packets


I'm sorry, I forgot to have the original question sent to the dev
mailing list in my previous message.


2010/10/27 Marian Kechlibar <marian.kechlibar@circletech.net>:


we are still experimenting with Speex om SIP communicator and we would
like to send multiple Speex frames in a single RTP packet. This is a
mechanism which saves considerable time
in encryption / decryption, especially when calculating HMACs.
Nevertheless, we can't force the JNIEncoder.java to record multiples of
20-ms and feed them to Speex encoder (which,
at least according to J.M.Valin, is quite happy to accept larger data
and produces well-aligned multiple frames as output).

Can you help me and direct me which constants to buy?

Best regards


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