[sip-comm-dev] Re: GSoC2009


Jean Lorchat wrote:

I mean we can put in the doc some kind
of question like 'To support your application and show us your skill,
please pick and solve a tasklet from the list at [somepage].

Emil Ivov wrote:

So I guess I'd prefer students to try and start thinking about the
project they are going to work on.

I totally agree with Emil.

What I'd like to take from Jean's idea though is some way of voicing
during the application and evaluation period that showing progress on
the chosen project during that period may be an advantage for the
application. But I don't currently have a suggestion as to how this
can be accomplished.



On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 6:08 PM, Emil Ivov <emcho@sip-communicator.org> wrote:

Hey Jean,

Jean Lorchat wrote:

Hello guys,

Nice to see you all again (and for those wondering, yeah i'm still
alive and doing quite well).
Last year, there was a discussion, on the main gsoc mailing list,
about student selection process and many projects hinted they were
using (or planning to) a list of small mini-tasks to perform by the
student so that he can show his knowledge with respect to the project
and language involved, and support his application. Can we plan this
kind of thing as well ? Even if the list of such questions is not
ready yet, we can still do it. I mean we can put in the doc some kind
of question like 'To support your application and show us your skill,
please pick and solve a tasklet from the list at [somepage].

This is generally a good idea when seeking job applicants, where, for a
variety of reasons, people are not presented to their work environment
until after they are actually employed.

In the case open source however we have the advantage of being .... open :slight_smile:

So I guess I'd prefer students to try and start thinking about the
project they are going to work on. There are several advantages over the
tasklets like for example: 1. You know that the skill set required by
the task is the one necessary for the project (as they are both the
same), 2. It is harder to get someone else to do this for you, 3. It
gets you started with your summer work so the time you spent on it was
not lost in vain.

It is true of course that fewer students would come up with something
worthwhile but then, (if we are accepted) we'd need to reject nine
tenths of the candidates anyway.


The main drawbacks I can see from this process is that we are
automatically pruning applications from people that would be new to
open-source and might have chosen SC as their first and favorite
project that they would love forever.

This also goes for what I suggested but I wouldn't worry too much about
it as chances are that people lacking experience would be turned down

Oh and maybe that would cause
some overhead ? Not sure though, since we also remove a lot of
applications from the serial-applicant prototype of student.

Well, we generally ask these questions through the web app so that they
would be easy to access during evaluation. As a side effect this also
means that people would have applied before seeing the questions.

Sorry this mail was kinda messy, but I didn't want to raise the point
AFTER Emil's deadline :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah ... fear of losing one's head would do miracles with one's
punctuality, right? :slight_smile:

Thanks Jean!



On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 10:27 PM, Emil Ivov <emcho@sip-communicator.org> wrote:

Hey Ben,

That's a good point and you could add the question if you'd like to. I
was just thinking that having a question that we could ask any candidate
is not a bad thing.

This is something we learned in 2007. Some people would send very
complete applications but will then never reply to mentor questions.
This is obviously unacceptable so we need to have a number of questions
ready to send to all applicants in order to test their promptness.

But then again, we can add this one to the list and then think of new
questions for the tests


Benoit Pradelle wrote:

Hi all, Emil,

This application is very good IMHO. I'd just like to add a question in
the student application template: "How much time can you dedicate to
GSoC ?".

It seems to me that this question was redundant last year and helped
us a lot in our decision. Moreover, it shows to Google that we are
aware that some students are not willing to dedicate a lot of time to
their GSoC and that we are ready to handle that.

What do you think ?


On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 8:57 AM, Martin André <martin.andre@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Emil,

Thanks for the new link. This one works for me now.
I've made small modification to the document:
- fixed some typos (GSoC08 instead of GSoC09)
- updated my affiliation

Otherwise, I think that the application is very good (as always) and
that the list of projects ideas is good too. I just have a remark, do
you really want to make the auto-update mechanism a GSoC project? This
is a blocking item for the release and even if everything goes
perfectly well with this project and the code is merge in the trunk
rapidly, this will postpone the potential date for a release to
October at least.


On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 3:36 PM, Emil Ivov <emcho@sip-communicator.org> wrote:

Hmm, for some reason the link generated in my previous mail required a
sip-communicator.org account (thanks for letting me know Martin). Here's
a new one (it's the same instance of the document, only a different
entry point):



emcho@sip-communicator.org wrote:

I've shared a document with you called "GSoC2009":

It's not an attachment -- it's stored online at Google Docs. To open
this document, just click the link above.

Hey all,

I am about to submit our application for GSoC 2009. Most of it is pretty
much the same as what we had last year a part from the "How did it go
last year" question, where I try to explain why 2008 was not quite as
exciting as 2007 and how we are going to mend that.

Comments are most welcome. I'd like us to submit this tomorrow night CET
(unless anyone sees a compelling reason to wait a bit more) so if you
could have a look at it tomorrow (Wednesday) then that would be excellent.

In the mean time we are also making good progress with our project ideas
list. You can check them out here: http://sip-communicator.org/gsoc

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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