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Hello Tom,

Try configuring Sip Communicator from the sip-communicator.properties
file. A better configuration form is on the way but is not there yet.

As for the BudgeTone phone (it has been successfully tested with
SipCommunicator btw), I do think that the problem comes from your
sound system. You need to have alsa and j2sdk1.4.2 so that you can
capture and play in the same time (and your LD_LIBRARY_PATH needs to
contain $JMFHOME/lib in it).

Apart from that ... try giving it a little time. Normally media flow
is quickly established but it may sometimes take up to 20s to start.

Let me know if you meet further obstacles.


Emil, in case this message that i posted to the java.net list doesn't get
through to you:

Subject: configuring SipCommunicator
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 15:02:12 -0400
From: Tom Scott <telecomtom@vedatel.com>
Organization: Vedatel
To: users@sip-communicator.dev.java.net

Emil and other SipComm users,

I'd like to configure SipCommunicator using the F4 key or pull down menu. My
problem is that I can't widen the configuration screen, so i can't read the
properties. For example, there are two lines that read:


I assume one is for the IP address, the other for the port. Double clicking on
property name does nothing. Also, I can't pull the corners of the window to
make it wider. (I'm using RH9.0 with gnome desktop. maybe that's the problem?)

Another issue: I have two BudgeTone-102 SIP phones. I can call either of them
from SipCommunicator. however, when i pick up the SIP phone I can't hear
anything that's spoken into the microphone of SipComm, and I can't hear anything
on the speakers attached to the PC that the SipComm is running on. The problem
may simply be that i haven't configured the sound system and card correctly.
however, I tested with jmstudio and it successfully plays .wav files.

Do you have any hints how to solve the problems?

BTW is this the appropriate list for my questions, or should i post to nist-sip?

-- TIA, TT




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