[sip-comm-dev] RE: bug report for rejecting an incoming call


Hi Emil,

I'm not able to provide the wireshark capture for the communication
between SIP communicator and other clients, because all testing
for other clients to SIP Communicator have been done on the same PC.
However, i can provide captures of making calls from other clients
(including SIP Communicator) to the device i'm testing, where my device
will reject the calls. Just to note that all clients are on the windows platform.

As for the sip-communicator logs, i do not know where to get it. Assistance?

The captures as attached.

Yew Cheong

RejectSequence.zip (7.61 KB)



Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2007 15:18:39 +0100

From: Emil Ivov <emcho@sip-communicator.org>

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Subject: [sip-comm-dev] bug report for rejecting an incoming call

Hello Yew Cheong,

Sounds interesting! Do you think you could send over tcpdump/wireshark
binary captures and sip-communicator logs for such sessions? This would
probably help us find the problem.


Yew Cheong SOH wrote:

I have been using the SIP-Communicator to test for the robustness of
some software, but I found out that SIP-Communicator do not handle
rejected calls from other SIP Clients properly. Although
SIP-Communicator had received the rejecting SIP messages, on the
application it still carry on calling, where the other clients have
already ended the call. Clients which SIP-Communicator unable to recieve
rejected calls include Windows Messenger & Ekiga.

What I have notice is that under the "To:" from the messages
recieve, the SIP tags from these two clients are quite long. Whereas for
other clients (Wengo Phone, X-lite) with shorter SIP tags seems to be
able to reject without problems. Hope you guys and fix this and that
this infomation is enough to help solve the issue.

Best Regards,

Soh Yew Cheong
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