[sip-comm-dev] questions about sip bundle for video chatting? asking for help!


I have the following problems:
(Question1): In fact, I don't need any other functions from the SIP
communicator besides SIP function for our application, and we would develop
our own UI with one special button for lauching SIP video chatting
   Therefore, as for this target, whether shall I only need the files in
the folder:
/sip-communicator/src/net/java/sip/communicator/impl/protocol/sip to build
sip bundle which can be used to implement video chatting and other SIP

(Question2): Now, I still have no idea about how to implement our required
SIP bundle with the help of sip communicator, I found the related sample
description but still felt the source coding of sip communicator is not so
clear as can not get a detail desciption design implementation documents
about sip protocol. Could you please give me some detail indications and

(Question3)How to use this sip source codes (in folder:
/sip-communicator/src/net/java/sip/communicator/impl/protocol/sip) as sip
proxy and sip user agent?

(Question4): We are now using knopflerfish as OSGi framework, and have
developed some GUI for some services.
  Moreover, we want to implement SIP function(as a bundle based on OSGi)
for our embeded terminal and let it have the ability to implement sip-based
video chatting or conference when user choose one button(for example: Vedio
Chatting with friends) on our UI with remote control.
  Then, I found sip communicator, but still puzzed about how to make goode
use of this existed sip-communicator to realize our own application. Hope
to get your help about this aspect!

Any suggestion would be welcome!

Best Regards!