[sip-comm-dev] QoS in sip-communicator using DSCP with windows XP


Hello, i am trying to get some kind of quality of service in my
VO-IP calls over WLAN using windows XP.
  XP has a service called "QoS packet scheduler" that can diferenciate
IP packets in line to be sent according to the first 6 bits on the IP
packet. This priority system (DSCP) is used to set different
priority's for different kind of programs.
  I am thinking in manually set this property in java (using netbeans)
every time it sends a packet, can anyone help me?
  Does anyone know what kind of QoS sip-communicator tries to offer
and how he does it?
  I would also like to know if anyone has my kind of problem (maybe we
can help each other :slight_smile: ) or if anyone has already had it and managed
to solve it.


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