[sip-comm-dev] Progression in Ad-hoc MUC


Hi all,

Here are some news about the implementation of the ad-hoc multi user chat for SC.
(Previous message about this: https://sip-communicator.dev.java.net/servlets/ReadMsg?list=dev&msgNo=6707)

I'm currently working on the implementation for Msn, and the latest result I've got was to create a multi-chat fully functional on the invitees side:

- the invitation was sent from a SC client toward two Adium clients
- both Adium clients can chat together and receive messages from the inviter (i.e the SC client)
- SC client doesn't receive messages, the frame for MUC is even not initialized (see attached)

I fix bugs as they come and as I find them: the latest I'm encountering is that the ChatRoomWrapper (in that case, it's called AdHocChatRoomWrapper) used for creating the multi user conversation UI is "null". This is in the ConferenceChatManager, in method localUserAdHocPresenceChanged.

As soon as I'll have corrected this bug, I think we would have a functional ad-hoc MUC for Msn.

(The next protocols to implements the ad-hoc MUC are ICQ and Yahoo!)